Federal Civil Rights Cases.

Patrick County Virginia Corruption Updates:

Brian Clark won his USC 42 1983 case in Federal Courts against Patrick County Sherriff Officer Rob Coleman. Rob Coleman illegally stopped the Vehicle Mr. Clark was riding in after he just had left the Circuit Court of Patrick County Virginia where he was the civil Plaintiff. This Federal Case WIN stands up and protects our 4th amendment Rights under the US Constitution. Many who know a little bit about this matter may want to read this entire article to fully understand how this all began.

In short Mr. Clark had just asked Judge G. Carter Greer to recuse himself after he discovered a 27 year long standing Family relationship with the third-party defendant BB&T Bank. This discovery seemed to anger this Judge and ironically also the other Judges in the 21st District, according to eyewitnesses. After Mr. Clark then left Court that day he was followed out of court by the Local Police in Patrick County and was then pulled over into Moody’s Funeral Home.

This entire incident was captured on Video by one of Mr. Clarks eyewitnesses, who was also harassed and ticketed that day just for pulling over and filming the Stop. The witness’s ticket was later dismissed by the court after others testified to the incident and that she did nothing illegal. After Mr. Clark won the Federal Civil Right Violation Suit, Mrs. Vipperman, out of what appears to be clear retaliation, had Mr. Clark charged with Contempt of Court a second time in an orchestrated witch hunt styled trial. Judge Williams was the judge in that matter and of course they all ultimately had him convicted. Mr. Clark later had to spend 10 days in the local Patrick County “Jail” during the height of Covid-19 Pandemic before there was even a single reported case in Patrick County Virginia. Later after this the County had numerous Covid-19 related deaths and numerous increased cases of Covid-19 in Patrick County Virginia.

Mr. Clark has always and will continue to stand against any County Elected Officials that engages in unethical conduct. Mrs. Vipperman early on in these matters even called herself “So situated” as she requested to get outside prosecution help from Carrol Counties after her office had lost miserably on a fabricated Assault and Battery Case. Her friend in Carrol County also lost the prior Contempt of Court accusation attempt. Mrs. Vipperman and her office was later brought up on Malicious Prosecution Charges after they lost the Fabricated Assault and Battery Case, but of course the Judges threw it out of court claiming she has absolute immunity. Her key “Star Witness” in the fabricated Assault and Battery Case was Mrs. Weeks who came from Dr. Mahoney’s Office where Mrs. Vipperman’s own Sister-in-Law was “So situated” by her employment there as the Office Manager. They ultimately lost all these cases very miserably and yet they continued to harass Mr. Clark because he had essentially exposed this and also had a pending case against her and her office staff to include this ongoing federal suit against Officer Rob Coleman at that time. Mr. Clark ultimately Won every case both in Federal Courts and in Circuit Courts with a Jury Trail, except the last Contempt Case tried by Mr. Vipperman despite her recusing her own self as being “So situated” in these case matters in the first contempt case. How does one become “So situated” in these cases and then magically becomes un-situated all of a sudden? It appears very evident that she has carried out a personal vendetta here

“When you stand up against unethical acts and you have essential caught them, be prepared that this entire County will do everything possible to try and cover it all up.” Said Mr. Clark

To date no Local Media or other local News Groups in Patrick County Virginia has released any updates on this matter. Is it because they are getting something out of it, or do they just truely want to keep everyone in the dark from knowing the true facts around these matters and what really goes on in Small Towns like Stuart, Virginia?

Local Judge Martin Clark Jr. What does he know, or what can he now remember about these cases?

One Judge in Patrick County turned author was also heavily engaged in these cases and it just makes one wonder where he gets his content for his legal thriller books. Some would say it’s just legal fiction and others would say it from his years behind the bench and the local politics of the small town of Stuart Virginia where his father was a Judge before him. Others claim that he has suffered from a serious medical condition that has since put him into retirement but is still unclear how that has affected his mental judgment.

Only time will reveal all things including how they even used Mr. Clarks 12-year-old son at the time in these matters and how they “planted” a local Trucking Companies Son named “Kenneth Trent” in place of the court ordered pastor, who was a neutral agreed upon party, and then allowed him to testify in court despite the fact that he was opposed and wasn’t supposed to be with his son. This is all very well documented according to the Court Documents. Judge Williams was also the one who heard this case, and yes it was also the same Judge Williams that later tried the Contempt of Court case and had Mr. Clark Jailed for 10 days. The Federal Civil Rights case won by Mr. Clark sheds a lot more insight onto the real truth behind these matters, one in which should be further investigated. BB&T continues to be a center focal point around all these cases and is recently the nations 6th largest Bank with their recent accusation of Sun Trust Bank. How fitting that the new name for this bank is called “Truist”.

Welcome to the Real Truth about Patrick County Virginia.

The Real Truth about the Patrick County Virginia Corruption.

On Jan 26th 2015 Brian H. Clark fully exposed the Commonwealth Attorneys Office lead by Stephanie Brinegar- Vipperman for attempting to prosecute and fabricate a Criminal accusation against him with preposterous and unsubstantiated claims. When they eventually lost this case in the circuit court of appeals before a Jury Trial of 7, since then she has continued to seek retaliation against Mr. Clark. This case has totally consumed and embroiled her along with the entire local 21st Judicial District. The Court recorded transcript of that case clearly exposed the great lengths that they would go to in order to attempt to place a known to be innocent man in Prison. One might ask why, so did we! So we started to do a little more research and have discovered that this isn’t the first time that she has been surrounded by controversial decisions in other cases as well. Even those involving Murder in this County. You can read about those and more case details in this blog below.

Was it to aid BB&T’s Banks Liability for covering up over 300,000.00 of CASH being removed from accounts that was established and opened with BB&T without Mr. Clark’s Signature that was allowed by local BB&T Executives in his Sole owned Business LLC name?

Was this about using this 21st Judicial District and the close BB&T Relationships that was uncovered to further extort and exploit well over more than a 100,000.00 in massive extorted legal fees? The facts and evidence are so prevailing and evident in these numerous fabricated criminal accusations and 7 years of tenaciously guarded civil case history , that’s still ongoing to this very day? We invite you to be the Judge. If this true story and the court recorded facts on this blog don’t get your attention here, not much will. This embroiling battle rages on to this very day between Brian Clark, Patrick County, and the 21 Judicial District. The Courts here will apparently stop short of nothing to include using your own children and local law enforcement to aid them in carrying out their narratives and agendas. When you stand up for your Rights against the establishment you will be targeted, threatened, and even assaulted. We would like to thank everyone that has came out as witnesses and has captured it on Video. Mr. Clark would like to personally thank them for their help and support in hopes that united as one voice that we can eventually hold those accountable and bring all those involved before lady Justice.

Corruption must be exposed and addressed if we are to prevent this from happening to others. This type of Tyranny, if allowed to go unchecked, can erode a families success and wealth in merely a blink of an eye. Imagine if you will, you’ve worked 10 to 20 years in Business only to have it eradicated and destroyed while those with “So Called” Immunity never have to face these injustices. Where do we draw the line as a free society in pursuit of the American Dream?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Abraham Lincoln

Epperson vs Payne

This Case file below involves accusations of Civil Rights Violations involving Patrick County Sheriff Deputies and the Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Brinegar-Vipperman.

Defendant Stephanie Brinegar-Vipperman’s Motion to Dismiss will be granted, Defendants Calvin and Vickie Payne’s Motion to Dismiss will be denied, and Defendants Brian Hubbard, Terry Mikels, and Danny Martin’s Motion to Dismiss will be granted in part and denied in part.

Civil Right Violations under the Color of Law must be addressed.

In the present case, taking the facts in the light most favorable to the Eppersons, the deputies entered the Eppersons’ leased property without permission. After entering the home through the garage without a warrant, they drew their guns on Mr. Epperson. They placed him under arrest and searched his person—all following an illegal entry into the home. They removed the keys from his pocket and gave the keys to the property to the Paynes—all without a court order or any legal authority to do so. They then removed their young Son from his home— at gunpoint. Again, this was done following an unauthorized and illegal entry into the home, and without probable cause that their Son—a minor who was sick in bed—had violated any law. No reasonable person could say that, under these facts, Plaintiffs’ right to due process (Count I) or to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures (Count II) was not clearly established. Moreover, the deputies’ arguments in support of qualified immunity all rise and fall on accepting their version of the facts. They argue that they were unaware of the history of the property and that they asked Brinegar-Vipperman if they could assist the Paynes. Those arguments are not appropriate at the motion to dismiss stage. At this stage, the Court assumes Plaintiffs’ version of the facts is true—specifically that, without a court order, the deputies assisted the Paynes in evicting them from their home. They did this despite the fact that Plaintiffs had a rental agreement with the Paynes that had not been breached. Under those facts, the deputies violated Plaintiffs’ clearly established constitutional rights, as well as the rights afforded them under the laws of Virginia (namely, their property rights as tenants).

Link to Full Case File as Published in the Danville Virginia Western District Federal Courts: Source of Public Released Records

Clark vs Rob Coleman

This Case file below involves accusations of Civil Rights Violations involving Patrick County Sheriff Officer Rob Coleman, County Assistant Administrator Geri Hazelwood, other Officer Does and the Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith.

Civil Right Violations under the Color of Law must be addressed.

Link to Full Case File as Published in the Danville Virginia Western District Federal Courts: Source of Public Released Record

Although Coleman has since been promoted to the rank of Captain, at the time of the alleged encounter, he was a Lieutenant.

Taking the facts in the light most favorable to Plaintiff, the evidence establishes that Coleman, acting in his capacity as a deputy sheriff, seized Plaintiff without probable cause or reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. After Inzerillo overheard some deputies discussing a plan to “take down” Plaintiff, Coleman followed Plaintiff from the courthouse and effectuated a traffic stop on the vehicle in which Plaintiff was riding. The vehicle was stopped without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, and Coleman’s expressed reason for stopping the vehicle is belied by Plaintiff’s testimony, which I accept as true. Clearly, Plaintiff has presented sufficient evidence to show that Coleman, acting under color of law, violated Plaintiff’s right to be free from unreasonable seizures. See Rodriguez v. United States, 135 S. Ct. 1609, 1617 (2015) (noting that a traffic stop constitutes a seizure for the purposes of the Fourth Amendment); Whren v. United States, 517 U.S. 806, 809–10 (1996) (“Temporary detention of individuals during the stop of an automobile by the police, even if only for a brief period and for a limited purpose, constitutes a ‘seizure’ of ‘persons’ within the meaning of [the Fourth Amendment]. An automobile stop is thus subject to the constitutional imperative that it not be ‘unreasonable’ under the circumstances

See, e.g., Johnson v. Campbell, 332 F.3d 199, 213 (3rd Cir. 2003) (holding that arresting a man for disorderly conduct after calling a police officer a “son of a bitch” violated the defendant’s First Amendment rights); Buffkins v. City of Omaha, 922 F.2d 465, 472 (8th Cir. 1990) (holding that calling an officer an “asshole” was protected speech and thus could not form the basis for a disorderly conduct arrest); Duran v. City of Douglas, 904 F.2d 1372 (9th Cir. 1990); Osborne v. Lohr-Robinette, No. 1:05-0106, 2006 WL 3761597, at *2, 8 (S.D.W. Va. Dec. 20, 2006) (holding that calling a police officer an “asshole” and an “Opie-Taylor-looking motherfucker” was protected speech, but finding qualified immunity because the law was not clearly established in 2003). But see McCormick v. City of Lawrence, 325 F. Supp. 2d 1191 (D.

Local Police and a Virginia State Trooper seen here. Lying in wait to ambush Mr. Clark after leaving a Civil Circuit Court Hearing involving BB&T in Patrick County Stuart Virginia on July 25th 2016. 4th Amendment Violation of the US Constitution.

After leaving Civil Court July 25th 2016 a total of 6 Police Vehicles and 8 deputies surrounded Mr. Clark. Mr. Clark had asked Judge G. Carter Greer for his recusal because of his families long standing history with BB&T. During this court hearing Judge Greer attempted to charge Mr. Clark with Contempt of Court and wanted to try that case right then. After Mr. Clark requested it be addressed at the set Court Date and after he had adequate time to consult an Attorney, this appeared to anger this Judge but he sustained Mr. Clark’s request. After leaving court and being pulled over a Black Dodge Charger then came out from behind Moody’s Furneral Home and parked sideways in front of the burgundy Chevy where Mr. Clark was ridding as a Passenger just leaving the Circuit Court. These very same officers where just in Court and rushed out and got in their patrol cars as Mr. Clark exited the court house. Patrick County Officer Lt Rob Coleman as seen here in the Grey unmarked Dodge Charger, then used his lights to pull over the Vehicle into Moody Funeral Home in Stuart Virginia. He never approached the driver of the car or asked her for anything, he was claiming that Mr. Clark had gave him the middle finger as he drove by him. During court Judge G. Carter Greer who was visibly very angry in court on July the 25th over the recusal letter and Mr. Clark’s discovery of the Roanoke Times Article that was attached to the letter, which clearly had uncovered that there was in fact a long history between the Greer Family and BB&T Banks. BB&T was a named third party defendant in Mr. Clark’s Civil Suits before this court and this Judge. One of the local lawyers involved in these cases Phillip G. Gardner was later caught sending various emails to these Judges Assistant’s Mrs. Leigh Royal. He was making unfounded accusations that Mr. Clark had people at his Home and that they where part of some Security Force conspiracy theory and advised them in those emails to Alert the Sheriff. These emails where all discovered when Mrs. Cheryl Martin, the assistant for Judge David Williams, was also blind copied on that same email thread. The Originator of the email was Mr. Clark’s estranged wife, whom Mr. Gardner claimed he did not no longer represent. This also was not hidden from the Judges Assistants and gives the appearance that they where all in a “collusion together” in order to gain advantages in these cases. How do we know this? In the email thread exchange between the estranged Ex Wife, Mr. Gardner, and these Judges assistants, which was done on August 3rd 2016, was also less than 20 days before she and Mrs. Vipperman where to be facing the August 23rd 2016 case for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Those emails was discovered when Judge Martin Clark Jr. sent them to the Virginia Supreme Courts in his response to the Writ of Prohibition filed by Mr. Clark’s Lawyer. In those records it showed internal emails between his assistant and Mrs. Cheryl Martin, Judge Williams assistant, where she was Blind Copied on this email thread. Judge Clark had also banned Mr. Clark from entering the Clerks Office, in what appears to be an effort to prevent him from making filings in his cases or obtaining his case records.

Patrick County Vehicle Stop
Brian Clark vs Rob Coleman

Judge Martin F. Clark Jr. was served with a Writ of Prohibition by Mr. Clark’s Attorney regarding an oral Banning of Mr. Clark from entering the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. In turn he wrote a letter to Judge Williams seeking him to charge Mr. Clark a second time for Contempt, and he did so. This oral order was absent due process or any written or verbal notification to Mr. Clark. It also followed a recusal request letter sent to Judge G. Carter Greer. Mr. Clark, through his online discovery of a public released article posted in the Roanoke Times, learned that Judge Greer and his father was in business together and that his Father T Keister Greer (Now Deceased) had a 27 year relationship in the Banking industry. It was very apparent that the Greer family had invested interest with BB&T during those years. Naturally the relationships of the Father would follow the Son and this gave the appearance of a conflict of interest in the view of the public eye. Mr. Clark then asked for his recusal, attached this article which then angered this Judge and yet he denied to recuse himself and has since made rulings in cases involving BB&T. He did so without ever looking at any of the FACTS in these cases, according to the reviewed court recorded statements from the Judge himself. This recusal letter and public attached article apparently not only angered Judge Greer, but it also took umbrage with Judge Martin F. Clark Jr. as well according to these court records, letters and transcripts. Attached is the complete Writ of Prohibition as filed with the Virginia Supreme Courts by his counsel and a link to the Roanoke Times Article is included in both. SEE BELOW


Link to the News Paper Article posted above by the Roanoke Times

Below is a Copy of the full Writ of Prohibition. All this is Public Records available under the protections of the FOIA and the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

USC 42 1983 4th Amendment Civil Rights Case US Constitution Update

Brian Clark WINS Federal Suit for USC 42 1983 CASE, but the Local Commonwealth Attorney illegally have a Witch Trail and had Mr. Clark Jailed in the Patrick County Jail for 10 days. This was done out of pure retaliation for filing a Writ of Prohibition, which Mr. Clark’s Lawyer filed on his behalf. This was also done during COVID-19 Pandemic when Mr. Clark was ordered to report to Jail to serve out 10 days. At that time Patrick County had Zero Cases of COVID-19. Shortly afterwards they had 39 CASES and 1 reported death in Patrick County Virginia.

Assault and Battery Case (Clark found not Guilty)

No apparent Justice for the Victims of the wrongfully accused and prosecuted

Case # CR14000427-00 filed in the Patrick County Circuit Court on Jan 26th 2015.

Brian Clark was found unanimously Not Guilty of an alleged Brutal Assault heard in the Patrick County Circuit Court before a 7 member Jury Trial on Jan 26th, 2015.

The Prosecutor in the case was the former Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Marcus Brinks, now the Honorable Judge Brinks. The Honorable Judge Martin Clark Jr. was the Presiding judge over the case.”

Statement of events according to the Court Recorded Transcripts.

The responding 911 deputy of this purported brutal assault call was Deputy Haymore. The Patrick County Virginia Sheriffs Deputy was actually a witness for the defense in the Commonwealth vs Brian Clark case. According to court recorded testimony records, Deputy Haymore stated that he “Did not charge Brian Clark with this warrant. He didn’t do so despite the fact that if he had been able to observe this level of severe bleeding or injuries, that he could have done so. McGraw, counsel for Mr. Clark stated, “And if there was a collaborating witness saying, yes I saw Brian Clark beat this person senseless that you could have issued a warrant for his arrest could you not have? Haymore’s response was “Yes Sir.” McGraw then asked him “And you did not do that on June 15th of 2013? Haymore’s Response was. “No Sir”.
The Prosecution’s Key Medical Witness, whom it was later discovered, worked with the Clinic’s Office Manager which was also the Sister-in Law of the Patrick County Commonwealth Attorney Mrs. Brinegar-Vipperman at the time. Both those two Clinic co workers were employees at the same local Doctors Office in Martinsville Virginia at the time of this incident. Perhaps this was just by some shear coincidence, or by happenstance. In any Regards:

The Prosecution’s Star key witness, gave qualified expert testimony during the court recorded transcripts of this case. Mainly identifying bruises to the plaintiffs hands in the numerous photos submitted. Her testimony further simply didn’t sustain the prosecutions evidence regarding their plaintiffs accusation that she had sustained severe or bloody trauma to her head and neck areas. She stated that it was subjective data and that was what the patient had told her had happened. Her written medical examination report didn’t align with the prosecutions purported physical evidence. None of the severe head and neck trauma with severe bruising was documented in her written report. Neither did the plaintiffs own testimony about the injuries she reported sustaining align with this report or Deputy Haymore’s testimony.

On page 40 and 41 of the court recorded transcripts Mr. McGraw asked the plaintiff the following. Isn’t it fair to say that you needed medical attention half and hour earlier at the end of the exchange? She answered, “I probably did, but I was sticky from the drink and I, you know, there was blood and my hair was matted and I just…” So in your opinion at the time it was more important for you to take a shower than to get immediate medical attention, Correct? She answered, “Right. I didn’t feel like I needed to go right then. I knew I was going, but I just needed to wash the blood off.” Did you intend to drive yourself to get medical attention, Correct? “She replied, I would never call my crew to come get me.” Now, when Deputy Haymore came, you did not show him any bloody hair that you allege you had pulled out of the back of your head? Her answer was, “I threw it away.” An you did not show Deputy Haymore any blood coming out of the back of your head? Her answer, “I took a shower. I washed it all off.” So, you washed it all off. And you didn’t even tell Deputy Haymore that you had been bleeding and your hair had fallen out? She answered, “I did.” The court recorded transcripts in this case, simply didn’t align with their purported “Brutal Assault” theory.

Where was the Hospital report where Deputy Haymore had taken her that night in his patrol vehicle? The jury had asked where was this report at, and the prosecution didn’t produce one. Did the prosecution even talk to Deputy Haymore who was the first respondent onsite after the 911 call came in? The Patrick County Virginia Sheriff Deputy then proceeded to drive her back home after the visit to the jails offsite video magistrate, and the purported Hospital visit. After arriving back at the plaintiffs home some 27 miles on the other side of the County. Deputy Haymore proceeded to give her a breath analyzer test, again all at the Plaintiffs request not the Deputies. So after at least 2 hours with Deputy Haymore how was it even remotely feasible that she would be drunk and where was the probable cause, other than the plaintiff’s accusations? Where was the bloody clumps of hair that the plaintiff alleged was pulled out of her head. If Deputy Haymore had saw evidence or any signs of this purported brutal and bloody attack then he could have easily charged Mr. Clark, and he didn’t do so. So, why was Mr. Clark charged absent probable cause and evidence to support it? Mr. Clark had asked all these very same questions to the Sheriff, Dan Smith, during an exchange of several text messages to his personal cell phone after this case was decided.

McGraw argued for striking of the prosecutions evidence after hearing testimony from the Prosecutions Star Medical witness.

“However, the Commonwealth’s evidence cannot rise above the level of its own witnesses, and most recently the prosecutions key star witness testified that there was simply no medical evidence, objective or subjective, of any injuries to Ms. Clark’s head, neck, upper extremity areas, that in light of this overwhelming weight of evidence the prosecution simply cant overcome.

That evidence of the Commonwealth is hopelessly in conflict with itself, even at this stage of the proceedings based on the standard, that – that inherent conflict cannot be resolved and whatever the standard would be it remains the Commonwealth’s burden. With that inherently conflicting testimony between their own witnesses, I think the motion to strike is appropriate and should be sustained at this time.”

The Honorable Judge Martin Clark Jr. denied his motion and brought back in the Jury to decide the case.

The Jury returned and the prosecution continued to try to prove their case. The Jury then convened and came back quickly with a Not Guilty Verdict.

Clark later Filed a Abuse of Process and Malicious Prosecution Case against the Plaintiff and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, which included Stephanie Brinegar-Vipperman, which was heard on August 23rd 2016.

Mr. Clark felt that there was an apparent collaboration in this criminal charge pursued by the Commonwealth Attorney Mrs. Brinegar-Vipperman and the defendant, which is what lead to him filing this suit. That was decided only after attempting to speak with the Sherriff Dan Smith on December 23, 2015 at the Patrick County Jail. Sheriff Smith had requested this 9 am meeting. Mr. Clark came at 8:45 am and waited for the Sheriff to show up. Mr. Clark just wanted to get some answers? The Sherriff came in but didn’t want to discuss it with Mr. Clark and he was very offensive and showed anger towards Mr. Clark, according to an eye witness. Mr. Clark didn’t feel as if Deputy Haymore did anything other than respond to the 911 call, and that he testified truthfully according to his oath in this case. It was Mr. Clark’s opinion however, that the Commonwealth Attorney had zero probable cause to charge him and should have “nolle prosequi” the case, yet her office pursued it anyway with their Key Star Witness from her Sister-in Laws Medical Clinic. Mr. Clark viewed it as highly suspect being that she wasn’t a witness in the lower courts decision, nor did the prosecutor bring the Patrick County Virginia’s Sheriffs deputy in as a witness, or even the Pioneer Hospital Report, which would have been done that night, according to the Patrick County Virginia Sheriff’s Deputies testimony. The Prosecutor didn’t concede and stuck to purporting this as a Bloody and Brutal Assault, despite that none of Commonwealth’s evidence sustained any of it, including their own Star Witnesses written medical report. They all just couldn’t seem to get their stories straight, according to the review of the court recorded transcripts. The Jury’s verdict was that Mr. Clark was “Not Guilty”.

One special notation worth additionally mentioning:

This case was set on docket and was set to be heard, less than 30 day after the effectuated traffic stop by Rob Coleman on July 25th 2016. That Case is listed above in Clark vs. Coleman. The Commonwealth’s defense Attorney, sought for Sanctions and Fees against Brian Clark in that August 23, 2016 case. Those Sanctions and fees were denied and the case was dismissed on his motions, according to the records in that case.

Roanoke Judge David Carson presided over this case on August 23rd 2016. This case is on file in the Circuit Court House of Patrick County Virginia. The full transcripts in the A&B case are available through Katherine P. Ford, RPR (Registered Professional Reporter #19867 under case number CR14000427-00. She was also the Court Reporter for the August 23rd motions hearing as well.

Corruption is Real, its not some paranoid conspiracy. We all know it is present and it must be addressed.

There is No Corruption in VA, only an Old Boy Network.

“Corrupt public officials undermine our country’s national security, our overall safety, the public trust, and confidence in the U.S. government, wasting billions of dollars along the way. This corruption can tarnish virtually every aspect of society.” — Special Agent Patrick Bohrer, assistant section chief of our Public Corruption/Civil Rights program at FBI Headquarters.

Virginia is in need of launching a grand jury investigation into the cozy relationships between controversial Arlington, Va elected judges, lawyers and politicians in response to community allegations that civil judgeships – with annual salaries $150,000 or more – are for sale. At issue is an arcane system in which voters pick delegates to a judicial nominating convention, but do not pick the judges themselves. The system allows political party leaders to steer nominations to judicial candidates who have strong party ties and deep pockets – not sound legal credentials. And because Arlington is heavily Democratic, that party has a near lock on selecting judges. You have to be connected to get on the bench in Arlington. Are there payoffs? There’s always been that buzz in the court community. Democratic party leaders have denied that the selection process in Arlington is corrupt. It’s time for independent judge-selection panels, nonpartisan elections and other reforms to counter Virginia’s reputation for one of the most corrupt state, starting with judicial corruption in Arlington. Virginia Corruption Risk Report Card http://www.stateintegrity.org/…

Source Credits and Article Link:

By Scott Guinness – September 14, 2013 https://bluevirginia.us/2013/09/grand-jury-investigation-into-the-cozy-relationships-between-controversial-arlington-va

“Corruption is a cancer: a cancer that eats away at a citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity; already-tight national budgets, crowding out important national investments. It wastes the talent of entire generations. It scares away investments and jobs.” Joe Biden

Carolina Satellite Networks, LLC founded by Brian H. Clark in 2003 in Charlotte NC, which operated in Patrick County, Stuart Va

The above Articles of Corporation documents shows that Brian H. Clark is the Sole Founder and President/ CEO of Carolina Satellite Networks, LLC.

The Company was formed in 2003 in Charlotte North Carolina. It later located a office near Mr. Clark’s home town in Bassett Virginia in 2004 before later settling in Stuart Virginia from 2007-2012, a move Mr. Clark deeply regrets doing to this very day. Carolina Satellite Networks, LLC was a very successful North Carolina Company. It was featured in Homeland Security Today Magazine in a January edition for ensuring always on E911 Solutions for Public Safety in 2012. The North Carolina LLC located in Stuart Virginia was noted as one of only 3 Companies in the United States mentioned in this Article for providing unique Mobile Communication Solutions for E911 services to the Department of Homeland Security. The Company provided Satellite Communications and mission critical services to clients like NASA, NASCAR, Nextel Sprint, DHS (Department of Homeland Security), DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and numerous Fire Department Mobile Command Centers as far west as Las Vegas Nevada to as far East as Maryland. Mr. Clark is well known in the Satellite Communications Industry. He pioneered some of the first commercially available systems with Hughes Networks in early 2001. Mr. Clark also help advance VOIP and Push to Talk voice services over Satellite using IDirect Technologies. Mr. Clark worked closely with SDN (Satellite Data Networks) as a Mobile Systems Integration Company while in Charlotte North Carolina, which later became known as Satcom Global. While living in North Carolina his Company conducted FCC testing on sub 1 meter satellite terminals to help develop very precise auto acquisition alignment software to eliminate adjacent Satellite frequency interference issues.

About Brian H. Clark:

Mr. Clark began his career in 1988 in the US Army as a Combat Engineer serving in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm with the 18th Airborne Corp. He was among the first wave of ground troops to cross into Iraq in the famous northern left hook approach. His Battalion went on to provide support for the advancing troops by establishing critical communications and logistics points along the route of attack.

After several weeks of intense air attacks, coalition commander General Norman Schwarzkopf commenced the massive ground campaign on February 24.  While US Marine divisions and Arab forces advanced into Kuwait from the south, fixing the Iraqis in place, VII Corps attacked north into Iraq to the west.  Protected on their left by XVIII Airborne Corps, VII Corps drove north before swinging east to cut off the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait.  This “left hook” caught the Iraqis by surprise and resulted in the surrender of large numbers of enemy troops.  In approximately 100 hours of fighting, coalition forces shattered the Iraqi army before Pres. Bush declared a ceasefire on February 28. 

After leaving the Army in 1991. Mr. Clark started a successful Trucking Company and owned several trucks from 1992 to 1999. In early 2000 Mr. Clark decided to pursue other interest and continue on with his passion for communication when he formed Carolina Satellite Networks, LLC in 2003. He went on to be featured on World Business review appearing with his late commanding General (Storming Norman) Schwarzkopf. They discussed the iNetVu, a mobile, auto-acquisition satellite antenna system that delivers high-speed internet access to NASA and how they also provide critical communications during National Disaster situations. To this day Mr. Clark’s passion is driven to providing the Industries best in Mobile Communication Solutions and wireless technology for rural broadband and disaster response. Mr. Clark’s joys included seeing his only daughter for the first time, who was born just 10 days before he returned home from Desert Storm. The birth of his one and only Son whom was born August 1st 2000. One year and a month before the twin towers where attacked in 2001. Mr. Clark has spent many years in support of operations in Afghanistan as a sub contractor with several defense agencies and he still supports our war fighters to this very day.